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Slovakia offers amazing nature & holiday experiences at small prices, so pack up your family and get a once-in-a lifetime vacation

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Slovakia – a true gem in Central Europe

Slovakia is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and is not yet affected by mass tourism. It is still possible to go out and eat a menu for only € 5.50 per. pers. or get a ½ l. beer for 1.80 € at the restaurant.

Danish tourists have discovered that Slovakia has everything the Danes want when they vacation, with the exception of the sea.
Slovakia is located Only 900 km from Denmark and there is motorway all the way. The infrastructure is extremely good in Slovakia and with a size similar to Denmark, most sights are easily reached without the long journeys.

Lots of holiday experiences in Slovakia

Everywhere there are nature experiences such as gorges, caves, impressive stalactite caves, vast forests and lots of lakes and rivers, where you can practice water sports or sail a raft.

There are several large bathing countries that the children will love to play in. Also, here are many exciting excursion destinations and sights such as. old castles, castles, thermal baths, cozy medieval towns and small mountain villages. The whole family can get discounts on both restaurants and attractions by purchasing a Liptovcard.

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Amazing nature in Slovakia

Slovakia has a fantastic nature, which is varied, unspoilt and beautiful. To the north they are approx. 3000 meters high Tatra Mountains, where you will find many magnificent mountain scenery and can meet animals such as bears, wolves, gemser and marmots. In the central highlands, they are approx. 2000 meters low Tatra mountains, all mountains are part of the Carpathian battle chain.

The southern part of the country with its warmer climate, on the other hand, is characterized by lowland, vineyards and meadows – here life is lived at a very calm and relaxed pace.


Discover Slovakia’s hospitality

The friendly and hospitable Slovaks help make the stay in the country extremely enjoyable, and everywhere you can enjoy the delicious food, the good beer and the distinctive wine.

As an added plus, Slovakia is still a very cheap travel country where you get a lot of money.

Huge Beach Lands, Wellness & amp; Spa stay

For many years, Slovakia has been known as a spa country with hot thermal springs, good cure hotels and treatments for many diseases.

Wellness & amp; Spa very close to the apartment in new modern bathing areas at prices that are half the prices in Denmark. If you want to spoil yourself or your partner, Slovakia is the place.

Active holiday in Slovakia

Whether you are an adventurer or sports enthusiast who wants to take advantage of some of Slovakia’s many opportunities for an active holiday, for example. trekking, hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, rafting, road biking, downhill cycling, tbm cycling, paragliding, golf and sailing, or you just want to relax, Slovakia is the perfect destination.

Mine 2 drenge har fået deres livs eventyr
Vi har været yderst tilfredse med dels lejligheden som har absolut alt i inventar men specielt også den døgnåbne reception har været en stor hjælp da én af vores drenge faldt på cyklen og slå hul på knæet. Vi har været i dinosaurland, badeland og smukke vandreture. Det er nu 2 mdr. siden vi kom hjem og drengene snakker stadig om deres oplevelser – det varmer en mors hjerte <3

Peter, Hanne, Elias & William | juli 2017

Skønneste resort vi længe har boet på
Vi har rejst meget de seneste par år men dette sted var især fantastisk. Vi følte os hjemme og havde alt inden for rækkevidde som man har brug for, både i lejligheden såvel omgivelserne.

Tak for lån af lejligheden, de bedste anbefalinger skal lyde herfra.

Marinne & Poul | december 2018

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