Active holiday in Slovakia for everyone

Slovakia offers everything from hiking, mountaineering, cycling and many other great experiences for the active family



Mountain climbing

River rafting

In Slovakia you can have an active holiday in one of the world’s most beautiful nature areas with a wealth of opportunities for the whole family


Whether you are an adventurer or sports enthusiast who wants to take advantage of some of Slovakia’s many opportunities for an active holiday, for example. trekking, hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, rafting, road biking, downhill cycling, TBM cycling, paragliding, golf and sailing, or you just want to relax, Slovakia is the perfect destination.

There are more than 14,000 km of marked hiking trails and 10,000 km of marked cycle paths

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There are also many opportunities to visit castles, castles and stonewalls or perhaps just take the family on a cozy raft sailing with guides dressed in national costumes on one of the great rivers surrounded by mountains. IT is especialy beautiful in the summertime, read more about summer holidays in Slovakia.


The many mountains in Slovakia are surrounded by vast woodlands and beautiful glacial lakes give an impression of an untouched nature that is just waiting to be taken. In the form of hiking, hunting, golf, bike and mountain bike tours, paragliding, horseback riding, bungee jump and of course alpine or cross country skiing in the winter. You can also choose to visit various stalactite caves and caves, of which there are a total of 5000 caves in the country, many of which are open to the public. Two of them are truly unique ice caves that only few are available in the world.

Visit Slovakia’s highest mountain range, which is also the world’s smallest high mountain range – High Tatras, whose 25 peaks reach an altitude of over 2,500 m The mountain range borders on Poland and is filled with good hiking trails for both the easy-going hike and very experienced hiking. High and low Tatra mountains are often and often called “The Little Switzerland”

You can also visit “The Slovak Paradise” (Slovensky Raj) which offers lively forests, wide meadows and plateaus, gorges and up to 350 underground caves and many beautiful waterfalls. It’s a gem among Slovak national parks. There are 300 km of marked trails that stretch through this enchanting paradise. Although it may not seem like most hiking trails are so challenging and the height is not very high, the walk can still feel like an adventure. You have to cross gorges, it’s like an obstacle course full of wooden bridges or metal ladders, bridges that are ropes and chains to hold onto to get safely on the other side.

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You can also choose to visit one of the many castles or castles that are in countries, try for example. Spissky Hrad. This stunning 900 year old castle ruin is one of Europe’s largest. It is beautifully located in the countryside. The castle is listed on the UNESCO heritage list.

Although 40% of Slovakia is covered by forest, there is also ample opportunity to go swimming and water sports activities if this is in the interest of the family. Slovakia offers many lakes, dams and reservoirs for recreational purposes, often near the city, but in a beautiful nature. The water is clean and tested every year. There are often established artificial beaches with toilets and nearby buffets allow for a good cold beer or hot dog.

Active holiday in Slovakia is an experience for all senses and pocket money goes a long way.

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