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Drive your own car from Denmark to Slovakia and read more about the current traffic rules on the Slovak roads

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Traffic legislation in Slovakia

Seat belts are mandatory for all passengers. The maximum permissible speed in the cities is 50 km / h, highways 90 km / h and highways 130 km / h.
Promille limit for motorists is 0.0. There is a ban on mobile telephony while driving – however, a hands-free phone is allowed. Also pay attention to the rules for child seats. Dipped beam is required in the period 28.10 – 31.03.

Customize your driving environment. Not all roads are in the same condition as in Denmark. There is frequent construction activity on roads and houses. Especially in the case of railway crossings, cautious traffic is recommended. In the event of accidents, the police must be notified – they ensure that an accident report is prepared. In the event of visible damage to the car, the report must state whether there is anything to object to departure.

It is only recommended to park on supervised parking spaces, in garages or in carports. If this is not possible, it is recommended to install visible anti-theft measures.
Do not leave valuables and money or credit cards in the car.
In Slovakia, a motorway sign is required for motorways or expressways. The vignette can be purchased at the border, at post offices or at some petrol stations.

1 liter of unleaded petrol costs in Slovakia approx. 1.4 €. Slovakia (vignette required throughout the year): 15 days 10 € (subject to change)

It is recommended to use snow chains in all mountain areas in winter. Snow chains can be bought at the destination, but rarely rented out.

National Car Help: Slovakia: NAMK 18123/18154


Drive CAR from Denmark to Slovakia

    • Languages: Slovak and English 1st Foreign Language
    • The fastest route from Zealand is via Gedser-Rostock to Berlin-Cottbus – Katowice and from there to Slovakia, or Gedser-Rostock to Berlin – Prague – Brno and from there to Slovakia, both routes are on the motorway most of the way. From Jutland is the fastest route via Hamburg – Berlin – Cottbus – Katowice and from there to Slovakia. Keep in mind that Poland has introduced highway tax on all the new motorways that can be paid by credit card and Zloty and it is a very cheap charge of approx. 20 dkk. for 3 hours driving.
    • If you do not want to drive all the way in one go, good stop-over opportunities are in historic cities with good shopping and many attractions: Prague, Dredsen, Wroclaw or Krakow
    • Motorway toll, speed in city 50 km / h, road 90km / h and highway 130 km / h
    • International airports: Bratislava 164 km, Poprad 90 km and Kosice 240 km

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